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3 Important Nutrition For Runners

Running is one of the best sports to burn calories and maintain health. However, for runners or those who enjoy running sports, should also balance with adequate nutrition intake.

Nutrition is an important component to support this physical activity. If you often run but not balanced with adequate nutrition, this will affect the condition and health of your body.

Important Nutrition For Runners
Many of the nutrients you can make to meet the needs of your body. But to support your activities, especially the hobby running, there are 3 important nutrients that are highly recommended for your consumption, including:

  • Carbohydrate
    Runners desperately need carbohydrates. As for how much carbohydrate is needed, it depends on how fast or far you are running. Running with high intensity or running long distances with only offset by a low carbohydrate intake, then the same as driving a car without fuel.

Although energy drinks may be able to help you to run further, but the intake of carbohydrates coming from natural foods full of nutrients. Among the carbohydrate foods are sweet potatoes, rice, quinoa, wheat, and much more. In addition, do not forget also the fat and protein needed to help repair and restore muscles, as well as other important body functions.

  • Iron
    Before running, make sure also that your body has been covered with iron intake. Iron plays an important role to help form red blood cells, which will carry oxygen to the muscles of the body. Lack of this substance can prevent the body muscle in getting the optimal amount of oxygen. In contrast to carbohydrates, iron deficiency usually can gradually lead to anemia.

The runners have a high risk for iron deficiency because it comes out of perspiration. Food sources to meet iron needs can be obtained from nuts, red meat, tofu, fish, and spinach. To optimize the absorption of iron, combine well with foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges, strawberries, and so forth.

  • Sodium
    The runners desperately need to consume sodium. This is because sodium has two important roles during running, which meet the needs of body fluids and ensure the fluid consumed into the body appropriately. In addition, sodium is the main electrolyte that comes out through sweat. Therefore, the runners need sodium intake before, during, and also after running.

In addition, the need for sodium is increasingly important if you include people who are sweating salty. The characteristics of a salty sweaty person can be known if their eyes feel painful when sweat drips into them, or finds a white line on their clothes. The sources of sodium that you can get can be found in soup, cheese, bread, and also energy drinks.

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