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Lose Weight With These 9 Foods

If you want to lose weight, then one of the things you have to do is to better set the portion of food and smart measure the amount of intake of calories that come in with the amount burned. In addition, eating certain types of foods can also help reduce weight.

There are some foods that can help you full longer, so the desire for snacking is not too big. There are also foods that can launch body metabolism, so it is enough to help weight loss program that is being done.

Some Foods That Help Lose Weight
Here are some foods that can help you lose weight, including:

1. Grains
Grains contain high fiber and take a long time to digest. This means eating grains will provide a longer satiety and prevent you from overeating. One of the grains recommended for consumption is beans. In addition to cheap and filling, beans contain good protein and needed by the body.

2. Soup
Starting your lunch with a serving of soup is the right move. The soup will add to your energy and enough filling. It does not matter what soup you consume, either dilute or thick, as long as the soup contains a meat broth. The recommended amount of intake is 100 to 150 calories per serving. So, try not to add butter or cream.

3. Dark Chocolate
If you like, you can enjoy chocolate between meals. But choose dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. This is in line with a study that found that people who were given dark chocolate were known to eat 15% less pizza a few hours later, than those who chose milk chocolate.

4. Eggs and Sausage
Breakfast with high-protein meals can help you eat less in the hours that follow. A study involving a group of young women with obesity, found that those who ate 35 grams of protein at breakfast time tend to feel full soon.

The amount of calories they consume at breakfast is 350 calories, including eggs and beef sausage. The protein-rich breakfasts provide long-lasting effects, and last much longer as they limit the intake of sugary and fatty foods compared to women who start their day with cereal.

5. Vegetables
Do not forget to add vegetables to your diet. In addition to nutritious and healthy, vegetables can also help reduce the number of calories that enter. When researchers from Penn State added Zucchini (a kind of small pumpkin) and cauliflower puree, the study participants involved turned out to prefer the food they ate. However, it is also known that they eat 200 to 350 calories fewer calories.

6. Nuts
If you’re hungry but not yet time for a meal, you can eat a healthy snack like a handful of almonds, walnuts, pecan (bean curls), and nuts. Research shows that when a person eats nuts, they tend to eat less during mealtimes.

7. Yogurt
Yogurt has good health benefits and can help reduce the size of your waistline. A Harvard University study involving 120,000 people for more than 10 years, proving that from a variety of foods, yogurt is one of the most effective in reducing weight.

8. Apple
In addition to nuts, fruits, especially apples can also be a very appropriate choice to be a healthy snack when hunger whack. This is because whole apples contain lots of fiber, so give the effect of filling in a long time. Plus, chewing activity will signal to the brain that you are eating something in large or large quantities.

9. Grapefruit
The fruit is still in the citrus or citrus family is quite popular in western countries, especially America. Grapefruit is a fruit that contains many essential nutrients for the body and can help you undergo a diet program, especially for people with diabetes.

Based on the findings of a study at Scripps Clinic, it was found that obese people who ate half a grapefruit before meals, had an average weight loss of 1.35 kg in 12 weeks. Drinking grapefruit juice regularly also produces the same effect.

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